52TOYS celebrates 5th Anniversary

From the first piece of BEASTBOX to the latest Kimmy & Miki CANDYBOX collection, and from original creations to multiple IPs collaborations, we hope our designs and creations from last 5 years have brought to you much enjoyment.  As part of our 5th Anniversary celebration, we will be releasing a series of brand new designs including special limited editions to thank you for the unwavering support.

First on the line up are the brand new Kimmy & Miki collection series designed with delicious dessert theme.  In this collection, there are 10 designs and 2 secrets:

  1. Gummy Bear Kimmy 
  2. Gummy Kitty Miki
  3. Colorful Doughnut Kimmy
  4. Meteor Doughnut Miki
  5. Dark Chocolate Kimmy
  6. White Chocolate Miki
  7. Strawberry Ice-cream Kimmy
  8. Blueberry Ice-cream Miki
  9. Sprinkles Lollipop Kimmy
  10. Solar Lollipop Miki

From our BEASTBOX series, we have just released SHARKIRA.  This awesome looking 150mm mecha shark is transformed from the standard 50mm mecha cube.  With 26 points of articulation, it will definitely add another dimension to your BEASTBOX collection. 


Next from our BEASTBOX collection, watch out for the launch of this special edition BEASTBOX FROSTY.  This design will be released in limited quantity.

We hope to bring you more information soon.

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