2019 CGC Girls Collection Trendy Girl Festival

On October 26, the 8-hour “2019 CGC Girls Collection Trendy Girl Festival” fashion extravaganza was officially opened in Shanghai, the fashion capital of China. Besides cooperation once again with megastar Chris Lee (李宇春), this year’s CGC Trendy Girl Festival invited about 300 star-studded celebrities and KOLs, including Asia Idols AKB48 and NEXT (乐华NEXT).

52TOYS, invited for the first time to participate in this mega fashion event, presented a dazzling fashion show with a new youthful lifestyle, accessorised by designer toys which fully demonstrated the latest trend of the CGCGirls Z era.

52TOYS, being a well-known merchandising brand in China, participation in this CGC Fashion Festival not only represented the recognition of 52TOYS in the fashion industry but also demonstrated that IP merchandise and designer toys have gradually gained popularity in the field of young fashion.

The designer toys brought by 52TOYS show the independent self aesthetics of fashion lovers and the diversified trend demands of young people. In the era of changing trends, fashion toys represent an emerging fashion.

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