PLUTUS SPACEMEN – Legacy of Culture

CANDYBOX are Collectible Art aNd Designer toYs pieces contained in a blind BOX.

The inspiration for Plutus Spacemen comes from the Fortune Cat, Maneki Neko.  Plutus means God of Wealth.  Combining this with elements from cool astronaut spacesuits, the concept of having wealth from the universe is created.  In this latest series, Plutus Spacemen is designed with elements of various cultures from around the world.  There are 8 designs and 1 hidden design to collect.


CANDYBOX from 52TOYS are Collectibles Art aNd Designer toY pieces contained in a blind BOX.  Every piece is meticulously designed and painted.  These are high quality art collection pieces.

Latest update:   Plutus Spaceman won the 2020 Silver Award in the prestigious A’ Design Award and Competition (Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Category).  This competition is the worlds’ largest design competition awarding best designs, design concepts and products & services.


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