BEASTBOX (35)

    BEASTBOX is more than just a static 3D toy figure. The basic design concept is to showcase various animals, prehistoric creatures and classical monsters transforming from a 4-5 cm cube. …

    MEGABOX (14)

    MEGABOX is designed to showcase popular pop culture characters transformed from, and back to, a precision engineered 5cm mecha cube.  Every piece is designed with sturdy joints for maximum poseability. …

    CANDYBOX (21)

    CANDYBOX from 52TOYS are Collectibles Art aNd Design toY pieces presented in a blind BOX.  Every piece is meticulously designed and painted.  These are high-quality art collection pieces.
  • 超活化 Modern Ancient

    超活化 Modern Ancient (3)

    超活化 Modern Ancient - The inspiration for this line comes from resurrecting ancient cultures.  52TOYS artistically adopts the traditional elements from ancient era and integrate them with modern cultures, trend…